Articulation F Games | Articulation Drills

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by Busy Bee Studio

Price: 500 points or $5 USD

Subjects: speech,games,articulation

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Articulation Drills Articulation F Games | F Articulation Puzzles F Articulation Puzzles for Speech Therapy There are 3 articulation puzzles (initial/f/, medial /f/, final /f/) in this set, 48 words to match. Kids say (read) a word and match a puzzle piece to the right picture in the puzzle grid. Articulation Drills Word List F Articulation Puzzle-1: Initial Position fan, finger, fish, fin, fox, fork, fat, farm, fort, fig, foot, fog, file, fist, fix, fall F Articulation Puzzle-2: /F/ Medial Position elephant, waffle, xylophone, gopher, dolphin, campfire, coffee, breakfast, jellyfish, muffin, coffin, baffle, toffee, alphabet, sniffle, fluffy F Articulation Puzzle-3: /F/ Final Position staff, elf, calf, thief, loaf, chef, sniff, giraffe, cuff, laugh, half, puff, handcuff, muff, wife, roof