Concepts in Class - Multi Deck

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by Speech Resource Hub

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This classroom themed multi-deck has FIVE (5) modes of play. It can help target vocabulary of common objects and actions in the classroom, following directions using classroom objects, sentence formulation / describing, answering wh- questions, and more. The cards included are broken down into: Card 1: Menu page where you can choose from 5 different activities. Cards 2-12: Following directions activity involving common classroom objects and prepositions. Instructions are one-step and involve drag and drop task. Cards 13 - 26: Find the classroom object. Students must find the object around the classroom. Clicking/tapping task. Cards 27 - 37: Action Sentences. Students must describe the picture scene using a sentence. Picture guides for sentence structure are included at the top of the card. Cards 39 - 43: WH Question Scenes. Students must answer mixed wh- questions regarding visual detail and general information involving objects pictured in the scene. Cards 44 - 45: Barrier Games. Students can create a scene using movable "stickers" of children performing different actions, or objects around the classroom. Drag and drop task. Card 46: A card that shows that the activity has ended. A prompt to return to menu is shown and the student can choose between Yes or No.