Expanding sentence - with core word SEE. AAC.

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by Winter Sisters

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Subjects: speech,modalitiesAAC,cognitionAttention,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,earlyIntervention

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Digital, no print resource – Boom Card Deck, helps your child build basic sentences using the core word SEE. Student will learn to build utterances using “Pronoun HE/SHE + SEE + Number + Object” utterances, while practicing core word “see” and reinforcing use of pronouns. While attending to a circus scene, the student will answer to question “what does he/she see”. The question is on a sentence strip with Boardmaker symbols to model. Given options the child will match the correct picture. On second picture child will answer to “How many –objects- he/she sees” given options to point to correct answer. On the third card, child will be able to put picture on the correct order in a sentence strip, with color coded backgrounds for prompts Student can then use the sentence strip to practice repetition. With this set child can practice additional skills such as counting, pronouns, use of third person S on verb, and word order for number – object. Cards on deck: 24. Eight different scenes Boardmaker Symbols used with permission. I am a Maker Personal Member. If you like this set, please consider purchasing other decks in my store that focus on expanding sentences and core words