Same and Different_Gingerbread Houses

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by Smart Land

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Celebrate Winter & Christmas time with these cute and colorful Gingerbread houses! 7 different engaging tasks to decide if the houses all look the same or if they are different. These 'visual discrimination' fun tasks require your kids' focus, attention and concentration to compare little details, colors, shapes which is very important for developing basic learning and thinking skills! Two main card categories: 1. finding the matching objects - the ones that are the Same and 2. identifying the one that is Different from the others. The cards rotate "Same" and "Different" tasks. Cards types and tasks: - cards 1-4 - finding the same out of 3 objects given as a choice - cards 5-8 - finding the same out of 4 objects - cards 9-12 - 'find the twins' - finding 2 objects that are the same. Click on 2 pictures and click submit to pass the card - cards 13-18 - 'match the same' - choose and drag the correct colored house to cover the identical bw house - cards 19-30 - find 1 object that is Different (choice of 3/4/8) - cards 31-34 - drag the pictures on the top to the identical objects on the bottom - cards 35-38 - choose YES or NO for the objects that are Same or Different Cards come with audio support. Hope, you and your students enjoy using these cards!