One Step Directions - BBQ and Grill Style - Language

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by Pear Tree Speech

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Subjects: speech,receptiveLanguage,holiday,seasonSummer,cognition,earlyIntervention

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Description: Enhance your language resources with this exciting following directions with grilling foods Boom Card Deck! The perfect activity for summer or 4th of July themes, this interactive and engaging resource focuses on the development of following one-step direction skills. With four distinct sets of directions, this activity offers a comprehensive learning experience: Just Grilling Items: "Put a burger on the grill." Number Plus Grilling Items: "Put two hot dogs on the grill." Grilling Items Plus Specific Grills: "Put a steak on the red grill." Number Plus Grilling Items Plus Specific Grills: "Put three shrimp on the black grill." ***Please note that this set is not self-grading, it is meant to be done live with the student.*** Once your students master one step directions, be sure to check out my other BBQ / grilling direction decks that work on two-step temporal directions and three step temporal directions! If you enjoy my following direction activities, check out my growing temporal directions bundle!