Beginning Reader- Animals at the Zoo

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by kzm4boom

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: A predictable beginning reader with picture support and just enough challenge to help build reading skills and strategies. Students will need to attend to graphophonic cues and draw on prior knowledge and not simply read the pictures. Page 1- Front Cover- Animals at the Zoo Page 2- I like to see the animals at the zoo. Page 3- I see the giraffe. It is tall. Page 4- I see the tiger. It is orange and black. Page 5- I see the monkey. It likes bananas. Page 6- I see the hippo. It likes to eat lettuce. Page 7- I see the kangaroo. It can hop. Page 8- I see the koala bear. It can climb. Page 9- I see the elephant. It likes to eat nuts. Page 10- I see the zebra. It is black and white. Page 11- I see the turtle. It is slow. Page 12- I like to go to the zoo and see the animals.