Groundhog Search and Find for Articulation and Verbs

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by Old School Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Search, find and click on items within the Groundhog Day scene that contain target sounds (plus work on vocabulary) and verb tenses. 1 scene for each of the following sounds: /f,v/, /k,g/, /l/, sh-ch-j, /r/, /s,z/, L-Blends, R-Blends, S-Blends, Present Tense, Present Progressive, Future Tense, Regular Past Tense, and Irregular Past Tense. Search and Find Activities require interaction between the child and an adult. The child clicks on items in the picture containing the target and verbalizes the word in the appropriate phase. **This deck is part of the Winter Search and Find Collection Bundle** For added fun, find words in the scene not included in the word list.