ING Word Endings - Verb or Adjective? from Hank the Tank

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by Word Travel Press LLC

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Subjects: reading,specialed,readingSkills,games

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: This activity is based on the decodable chapter book, HANK THE TANK: ANIMAL IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Students learn about suffix -ing and some of the helping verbs that can go with -ing words like is, am, are, was, were. Next, they learn that sometimes a verb can be used like an adjective in phrases like drinking glass and walking stick. In this activity that includes 20 different playing cards, Students first decide if the underlined -ing word is acting like a VERB or an ADJECTIVE. The next step is to type the noun that has been modified (if the -ing word is an adjective) or the helping verb (if the -ing word is a verb). Exploring the helping verb or the modified noun helps students understand how the -ing word is being used in the sentence. For information about the decodable book, HANK THE TANK: ANIMAL IN THE SPOTLIGHT, visit