More Hidden Pictures for Articulation of /s/ Blends

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by Suddenly TeleSLP

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Subjects: games,speech,articulation,phonology

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: The original versions of my "Hidden Pictures for Articulation" were such a success, I've designed 8 additional background scenes for more picture finding fun. While the same speech targets are included in this version, it's a brand new experience for the students. The new picture scenes and new locations of speech targets will freshen up the activity. If you've stumbled upon these new versions first, check out my store for the original Hidden Pictures decks for the most targeted phonemes. Each version (the original and the "more hidden pictures" version) includes games for the following phonemes: initial /r/, intervocalic /r/, vocalic /r/, /r/ blends, /k, g, f, v, s, l/, /s/ blends, /l/ blends, "ch, j, sh, th." Bundles are also available at a savings of 40%. Directions: The Hidden Pictures activity is a great "warm-up" for articulation therapy. There are 8 background scenes with 6 hidden pictures in each scene. A total of /s/ blend target words are included in the activity.  The student locates then drags the images listed on each card to the "found" box. Practice at word level by naming the target word when found, or at the sentence level by describing the location of the item (ex. "The snowman is on the man's sleeve."). Once the 6 items on each card are found and dragged to the box, click the submit button to move to the next card. Like/follow Suddenly Tele-SLP on Facebook for new product notifications and freebie alerts.