Vocabulary and Concepts in School Part 2

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by The SPOT Shop

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1

Description: This is a School-based Thematic Learning Deck. It contains the following topics: 1) Spatial Concepts - on, under, above, inside, beside, behind, next to, in front of a. Teaching positional words (8 cards) b. Identifying positional words (8 cards) c. Naming positional words (8 cards) 2) Temporal Concepts - before, during, after a. Identifying Before and After b. Sequencing Events Before, During, After 3) Qualitative Concepts - small, round, rectangular, sticky, sharp, heavy, red, yellow a. Identifying school items given a descriptor (ex: Look for things that are sticky) b. Answering Who Questions using descriptors (ex: Who has big eyeglasses and wears yellow pants?) 4) Quantitative - 1 to 10 a. Rote Counting b. One to one correspondence Have fun! (This deck is bundled with 5-in-1 School Theme Deck: Vocabulary, Questions, and Directions Activities)