Memory - Picture Recall - Multiple Choice

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by The Function Well

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Description: 15 pictures, 50 questions. This activity is designed to target memory and attention for adults and teens. To complete this task, look at and remember the picture. Then, select the correct response given multiple choice or yes/no questions. This task is appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNF), hospital, home health, schools Purpose: - To recall information given a picture - To assess reading comprehension, attention to task Directions: 1. Look at the picture. Then, read the questions and select the correct response given multiple choice or Y/N options. 2. Clinician can extend learning with additional probes, i.e., What other elements can you remember from the picture? What do you remember from attending a similar event in your life? 3. May be used in 1:1 or small group settings Areas Addressed: Attention Visual scanning Reading comprehension Following directions Memory/ Recall