Book Buddies - There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Frog

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by Speechbop

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Increase your students comprehension and love of reading with this "There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed A Frog" by Lucille Colandro Book Buddy. Book Buddies are the perfect companion to making reading fun during therapy sessions! They target several skills including answering questions, identifying basic concepts, story sequencing and much more! This product includes the following activities: -6 Different activities including: -Comprehension Questions (answer a variety of "wh" questions from the story) -Yes/No Questions (answer a variety of yes/no questions from the story) -Vocabulary Matching (match vocabulary with definitions) -Story Sequencing (sequence events in the story) -Basic Concepts (answer simple questions to demonstrate understanding of basic concepts) -Feed the Old Lady! (Students practice using full sentences while moving food items into the old lady's mouth). -34 pages of fun -Colorful images and backgrounds on each page This product is perfect for: -Speech therapy -Spring related therapy -"The Old Lady" book activities -Increasing comprehension of read materials -Keeping students engaged -Keeping students motivated -Making reading fun -Increasing literacy skills and understanding of story elements