Letter Ss

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by Kindergarten is Sweet

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,phonics,phonologicalAwareness

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This resource will allow your students to work on the letter Ss. Students can trace the letter Ss, match or sort uppercase and lowercase s's, practice letter identification, and beginning sounds. There are audio directions (on auto-play) on each card. Each card also has an audio button for the name of the letter and letter sound (students will need to click the audio button to hear the letter name/sound). The cards are randomized. The following activities are included: 1. Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Tracing with a Car. 2. Gumball Letter Match - match lowercase letters (3) to the uppercase letter on the gumball machine. 3. Popcorn Letter Match - match uppercase letter (3) to the lowercase letter on the popcorn box. 4. Apple Letter Sorting - sort uppercase and lowercase letters into the correct apple baskets. 5. Building Blocks - build uppercase and lowercase letters with building blocks. 6. Space Letter/Sound Match - click on the 2 pictures with the matching beginning sound. 7. Thumb Up/Thumb Down - does the picture on the board begin with the letter sound. 8. Fishing for Letters - click on the fish with the correct lowercase or uppercase letters. 9. Matching Beginning Sounds - click on the pictures with the correct beginning sound. 10. Build a Letter with Counters - use colored counters (circles) to fill in the uppercase or lowercase letter. 11. Cookie Jar Sorting - sort the cookies into the correct cookie jar (uppercase/lowercase letters to the correct jar).