Initiating Conversation Activty #2 SMALL TALK Activity for Social Skills Lesson

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by BigDogCards

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Subjects: sel,relationshipSkills,speech,pragmatics,socialAspectsOfCommunication

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This is a starting conversation lesson that helps students maintain a small conversation with someone they don’t know or someone they don’t know very well (Acquaintance). It introduces the concept of Small Talk- a lighthearted and simple conversation based on the immediate environment. This social skills activity is part two of a two-part series (Part 1- “Initiating Conversation : Ice Breaker “ is part 1). It is highly recommended that you review the concept of a “safe stranger” with your students prior to teaching small talk. Your students will receive a 42 card deck with 38 separate scenarios, 3 True and False cards, and 114 open ended prompts which allow you to gauge if they can effectively maintain a two-turn conversation during small talk. The cards work well with any students grades 6-10 or best when used with students who have mild cognitive delays yet basic language skills. An independent lesson will take about 30 minutes however if you are using it as a teaching tool during instruction the lesson can easily fill 60 minutes with breaks in between for group discussion. When I use this lesson with my Speech classroom it takes (60 minutes).