Minimal Pairs: Initial sounds

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by Katrina Bevan- Speech Language Pathologist

Price: 550 points or $5.5 USD

Subjects: speech,apraxia,articulation,phonology

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: These cards are Minimal pairs - meaning two words with one phonological part that is different. The pictures help bring attention to the sound differences in words and help with correcting sounds. Students are presented with 2 pictures that are minimal pairs- the initial sound is different. They can practice saying each pair and move the stars into the drop zone as they talk marking if they said the words correctly. Your purchase includes: Access to the 98 Boom Cards™ in this deck on the Boom Learning™ website 1 Instruction card (at the start of the deck) 1 Congratulations/completion card (at the end of the deck) Preparation: No prep! Boom Cards™ are played on a website so no printing, laminating or cutting! You will need to: Purchase this product and add the deck to your Boom library (You will have to create or log into your Boom account) The deck will now stay in your library ready for use with your students! I like to use this set of Boom Cards™ for: → Distance Learning on computers, tablets and phones → Telepractice/telehealth → Phonology → Articulation → For children with language delays or ESL → For children with Autism