Multiple Meanings 2: Inferences

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by Looks Like Language

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Subjects: speech,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,receptiveLanguage,Special Autism,eslVocab,expressiveLanguage,cognition

Grades: 3,4,5

Description: Students apply their word knowledge in this fun Boom Card deck as they make inferences about meaning from sentence context. - Students see 2 pictured meanings and the written word. They listen to a sentence and click on the pictured meaning to make an inference. The multiple-meaning vocabulary: mold, point, jam, fall, duck, block, bank, calf, land, and face. The cards are randomized with 15 cards used every time the student plays. Do your students have limited reading skills? No worries! They can click the sound button to hear it read aloud. This makes it so easy to assign a deck for homework without concerns! ** Learning to interpret homonyms in context is a great way to start teaching your students with autism to understand non-literal language. Build skills for: - applying definitions for multiple-meaning vocabulary words. - understanding multiple meanings in sentence context. - making inferences based on sentence meanings. - recall of information that was previously practiced. There are so many ways to learn and practice multiple-meaning words. Check out the BOOM cards that use the same 10 words for additional practice: * Multiple Meanings 2: Matching Meanings * Multiple Meanings 2: Definitions Be sure to play the FREE 4-page preview to see how fun this is!