VOCATIONAL LIFE SKILLS- Filing Books by Last Name to THIRD Letter - Level 5

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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: ela,specialed

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: VOCATIONAL - LIFE SKILLS TASK Filing Books Alphabetically by LAST NAME - LEVEL 5 Level 5 = Filing to THIRD LETTER ***Books on each page have different FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD letters Also check out Levels 1-3 (all involving MATCHING TO LABELS): Level 1 = Filing by FIRST LETTER Level 2 = Filing by SECOND LETTER Level 3 = Filing by THIRD LETTER ** Levels 4-5 -- students file WITHOUT matching to labels Level 4 = Filing by THIRD letter (same first letters) Level 5 = Filing by THIRD letter (mixed- different first, second letters) Deck includes 8 pages. - Letter Line A-Z (uppercase) provided on all pages as a reference - 8 books to file per page (mixed letters) - 1 large bookshelf Students drag and drop labeled books to the correct shelf to "file". Each slides includes a clearly labeled bookshelf with 2 shelves + 6 books. **Slides are self-checking-- so students must put in the correct order alphabetically to move on. Students receive immediate feedback! ENJOY!