Diagraphs-H,Sh,Ch. Real pictures

by Libia

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,specialed,readingSkills,developmentalSkills,Special Autism

Grades: 0

Description: The goal of this activity is to learn words that start with the “SH” and “CH” diagraphs. Words that start with the letter “H” are compared with words that start with “SH” and “CH”. Identify the first letter(s) of a word when a picture is shown. Sort words by the first letter(s) into columns for the letter “H” and the diagraphs “SH” and “CH”. Select words that start with “H”, “SH” or “CH” from a list of words. Beautiful and vibrant real-world pictures are used throughout the activity to retain the student’s attention. The activity has a total of 29 slides. Enjoy 😊. Here is a list of the words studied: Words that start with “H”- hand, hose, ham, house, hip, hop. Words that start with “SH”- shoe, shed, shop, sheep, shave, shower, ship, short, shark. Words that start with “CH”- chair, cheese, chain, chop, chest, chimney, cherry, chip.