Fall Book: Combine Core Words with Fringe Words

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by Speech Language League

Price: 285 points or $2.85 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,15

Description: First: Read the story below the large picture. Next: Click each symbol on the bottom to hear the targeted phrase. Last: Answer the question on the right side to move you to the next page. Targets: ✅Core Words: Look, at, on, in, the, we, see, ✅Nouns: Leaves, ground, apple, tree, applesauce, scarecrow, door, pumpkin, people, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, pie ✅Actions: Change, fall, play, eat, peel, make, sit, carve, seeds, soup, ✅Descriptive Concepts: Different, Lots, yummy, This is great for teaching: 🎯Combining words into phrases 🎯Increasing MLU (Mean Length of Utterance) 🎯Teaching word order and sentence structure 🎯Teaching that you read and write from left to right 🎯Expanding vocabulary through a summer theme 🎯Responding to questions about a text 🎯Improving listening comprehension 🎯Using AAC or speech to label or combine words ____________________________________________________________ Follow me on Instagram: @speechlanguageleague for therapy ideas and new products Follow me on Pinterest: Speech Language League Follow my Facebook Page: Speech Language League