Police Comparison | Comparative Adjectives

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by Teacher Kimmy

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Subjects: ot,speech,countingAndCardinality,autism,Special Autism,receptiveLanguage,laborDay

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This Police Comparison boom deck requires no preparation, may or may not be printed and perfect for Pre K to 2nd graders to test kids discernment in answering questions related to comparative adjectives like smaller, bigger, more, less, near and far. This Community Helper celebration themed interactive & engaging material will practice kids ability to compare objects and select the correct answer. Your students will definitely enjoy this fun resource in teletherapy, in classroom, independent work or distance learning. What's included? 1. 25 boom cards 2. Comparative Adjectives (smaller, bigger, more, less, near and far) 3. Comparison When & how to use it? 1. Classroom Activity 2. Distance Learning or Teletherapy Activity 3. Small Group Activity 4. Independent Practice Happy Learning!