Find it! Artic Guessing Game #5 ( S, Z, J)

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by Everything is Speechie

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,2,4,6,8

Description: Find it! is a fun Artic guessing game that is perfect for students at any grade level. Have your students use the target word at the word level, phrase level or sentence level. Then they can take a guess about where they think the picture is hidden. They can either tell you the color of the book or the number. Move the books to the blocked area with the target word. My students like to turn this activity into a competitive one.  One point is awarded if they are able to find their picture on their first attempt,  whoever has the most points at the end wins. This deck includes the target sounds of /s/, /z/ & /j/ 30 words per sound, 10 words each in the initial, medial and final positions