A Quiz Game for Naming and Categorizing Words

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by Speech Club Publications

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Subjects: speech,games,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage

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Description: Semantic networks are a language classification system necessary for the efficient retrieval of information used for problem solving, comprehension, and communication. They are the language ‘filing system’ for the brain. Thinking with Language: Naming and Categorizing Words is designed to strengthen semantic networks with the following semantic mapping activities. Game Categories 1 - Things that… Naming things with a given category 2 - Name 5 Naming things according to a given attribute or feature 3 - What are these? Naming the category of a group of related words 4 - Things that are not… Naming things with an exclusionary element Goals *Develop a conceptual understanding of how words fit into groups *Name words within a given category *Name words within a category with exclusionary restrictions *Listen to a group of related words and name others in that word group