French -er verbs - présent, imparfait, futur simple

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by Mme R's French Resources

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrench,nativeFrench

Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: 30 cards for practicing French -er verbs in the present, imparfait, and futur simple tenses. Students will use context clues from sentences to determine the correct tense. There are 20 multiple choice cards and 10 cards where students will type in the conjugation of the provided verb. *To choose the correct tense, students should look for an adverb of time ( such as hier, aujourd'hui, demain) or another indication (such as a si clause). Although other tenses could work in certain cases (such as an implied future action happening today) students should choose the tense that is the most logical for the context of the sentence. Student directions page is included.