Place Value (1-50) 1st Grade Base 10

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by Kangaroo Tracks

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1

Description: These 32 task cards enable students to practice working with numbers 1-50 to gain an understanding of place value and specifically that two-digit numbers are comprised of tens and ones. Students will practice counting, reading and decomposing (partitioning) numbers from 1-50. For cards 1-15, students count how many tens and ones are in the picture and drag the correct digits from the number line to the tens and ones columns. There is then one brain break card where students can do 20 star jumps if they wish! For cards 17-33, students look at the picture to work out how many tens and ones they can see and then they click on the correct numeral on the number grid. Card 34: Lily the dog says 'Well Done'! This deck covers numbers 1 to 50. These cards are aligned to the common core (US curriculum) 1.NBT.B2 and ACARA (Australian Curriculum) ACMNA014.