Long A Choose the Correct Spelling

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by Top Notch Teaching

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Do you need some help teaching your students the long a sound? Look no further with this READY TO USE long a Boom Cards deck that will engage your students and make your life easier. Students choose the correct spelling of the long a sound to complete the words. The long a words used in this deck include ai: braid, brain, chain, drain, faint, mail, nail, paint, rain, train ay: clay, hay, lay, pay, pray, spray, stay, tray ea: break, great, steak a-e: blame, crane, date, gate, rake, shade, snake, tape, whale This helpful long a deck includes - 15 different cards - Each card has two words to complete - Each card is self-checking and provides immediate feedback - The cards are randomized, which means each time your students play, they will see the cards in a different order!