One More and Two More | Addition within 10 | Addition Strategies | Halloween Themed WITH AUDIO!

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by Michelle Staley

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Help your students build automaticity with their addition fact fluency to 10. Students will practice sums to 10 by adding one more or two more. This deck of BOOM Cards will allow you to progress monitor student skills with addition to 10. Perfect practice that aligns to Illustrative Math Unit 1. Enjoy! Michelle Allison CCSS Correlations: Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.OA.A.5 Fluently add and subtract within 5. Keywords: kindergarten math, fluency to 5, kindergarten fact fluency, adding to 5, Fluently add and subtract within, addition to 5, kindergarten fact fluency, first grade fact fluency