Left or Right Functional Vocabulary Boom Cards

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by K McKay

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: ela,elaLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,speech,receptiveLanguage,specialed,Special Autism

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Left or Right Positional Words Boom Cards deck. Your students will develop their visual discrimination & vocabulary skills as they look at the 2 pictures on each card and answer the question "Which one is ......?" eg bigger, shorter, blue, red, etc 30 cards To keep the task short your students will be shown 15 cards each time they play. The cards will appear in a random order. My decks are designed to be visually simple, and as distraction free as possible, for students who find busy screens overwhelming or confusing. I hope your students enjoy playing this deck!