Multiplication - 3x Multiplication Fact Penguins - Multiplication Arrays

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by Kenny's Classroom

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: 3x Penguin Multiplication Facts - Timestables This is an incredible life-long resource to engage students as they explore Number and develop Fluency with Multiplication. Engage your students on the Interactive White Board and start your next math lesson with a wonderful warm-up and problem-solving experience. Ideal for classes who have access to iPads or Tablets to allow students to independently target their learning at their point of need. Great for revision these questions help students reinforce classroom instruction and with regular use can vastly improve their mental computation techniques. Students are able to the visual support of arrays that demonstrate the expressions in a clear and easy to read format. "How can I use this resource?" Assign a random selection of Multiplication Facts to your students regularly. Students can now independently target their learning by focusing on a specific set of multiplication tables. So easy to use, set the task as homework and provide the link to parents to give students an engaging challenge that can be revisited again and again "What makes this a good resource?" The answers have been specifically chosen to represent the most frequent errors and challenge students to solve the expression to achieve accuracy. The visual arrays are horizontal/vertical based on the expression and are shaded when there are more than 10 in a row or column. The multiple-choice approach makes this resource accessible to the widest range of students.