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by Simons in Second

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This deck of Boom Cards aligns with Unit 3 Week 1 for Benchmark Advance (National Edition). However, the deck can be used independently from Benchmark Advance as well. Unit 3 Week 1 is focused on Long U word patterns. -The deck aligns with the Benchmark Advance second grade phonics and spelling for Unit 3 Week 1 -In this deck, students will practice identifying Long U spelling patterns -The deck includes audio instructions to support diverse learners. -Activities include: 1. Word sorts 2. Search & cover 3. Missing letters 4. Which word doesn’t belong? 5. Complete the sentence 6. Long I word searches in paragraphs 7. Word riddles 8. Word-picture match 9. Word unscramble 10. Rhyming words 11. ABC order 12. Spelling quiz Each day includes 2-3 different practice activities for students to complete. If you only want your students to complete certain activities, you can hide cards that you don’t want them to do. The cards are designed for the students to return to the main menu after each day’s practice, with 5 days worth of practice total. This deck includes 29 Boom Cards. If you like this product, check out my other Boom Card decks that align with Benchmark Advance spelling and phonics.