Bear's Loose Tooth Book Buddy

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by The Petite Speech Geek

Price: 600 points or $6 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13

Description: This resource is meant to be paired with " Bear's Loose Tooth" by Karma Wilson . I have removed the read aloud link due to copywrite laws but there are many versions of this story available on YouTube. After listening and watching the story choose which objective you would like to target and select it on the Table Of Contents/Home page. There are 6 activities included: 1. Character ID 2. 13 Wh/Comprehension Questions (field of 4 responsess) 3. 13 Yes/No Questions 4. Who's In The Cave? Expanding word utterances & animal vocabulary (WITH ANIMATED GIFS!) 5. Open-Ended Scene- put bear and his friends in the scene 6. 15 Receptive Vocabulary (field of 4 responses)