Short A CVC Reading Passages and Comprehension Questions

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by Terrific Teaching Tactics

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13

Description: Are you looking for reading passages and literal comprehension questions for your Kindergarten students? Do they need practice reading CVC words? If so, they will love these boom cards! This deck features 18 cards. The cards focus on short A word families (such as at). Each card focuses on one short A word and has a passage with 3 short sentences and a helpful picture. After reading the passage, students finish the sentence by answering a simple question (clicking the correct word). The answer choices are similar short A words. Short A words included - cat, bat, hat, mat, sat bag ham cap, map, nap, tap mad, dad, sad can, pan, ran, man The passages also have some common sight words such as - I, see, a, it, is, look, at, the, here, my, like, lot, this, do, you, she, has, he, likes, to, be, will, have, on, can, his, him.