Sight Word Memory Match- Winter Theme with Audio


Price: 175 points or $1.75 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,games,ot,speech,specialed

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Pick 2 snowflakes and drag them to the holding area. Read each word you find under the snowflakes. If the words match the player drags both snowflakes to their corner and earns that match. There are 7 pairs of sight words on each card. The student can tap on the word to hear it to check his/her work or if they need help reading the word. These words are aligned with a highly recognized list of sight words used in schools. Sight Words Targeted in this Deck: Card 1: and, I , it, can, the, a, for Card 2: in, is you, that, he, on, are Card 3: do, was did, at, this, for, am Card 4: as, with, his, they, to, be, have Card 5: from, or, one, had, by, but, words Card 6: not, what, all, were, we, when, your Card 7: said, there, use, each, which, she, how Card 8: of, will, up, other, about, out, their