Speech Water Wars Pre- & Post-vocalic R & R Blends

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by The Speech Serenade

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: A twist on one of the best barrier games in a digital format to target articulation skills: battle ship. Two formats are included: one for a single player and one for a two player group. Pre-made charted pools are included for all positions of words for pre-vocalic /r/, post-vocalic /r/ (ear, air, ire, ar, or, er), and /r/ blends phonemes. BONUS charted pool for targeting /r/ and /w/ minimal pair contrasts. How to Play: Students will call out coordinates of words with their target sounds in an attempt to find pre-hidden floats to sink at the pool party. Click on the water square in the coordinate and watch it disappear. If a student hits a float, you or the student can click on the SPLASH image to reveal the floatie that you're sinking. Keep track of all the floaties left by clicking on the splash "check mark." You will have the option to play the recorded sinking sound. This activity is designed for students who can read independently or with minimal assistance. This activity is not customizable or editable.