Identifying Coins for Kindergarten

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by Busy Me Plus Three - Alisha Satterwhite

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: You students will love this interactive identifying coins unit! This set is perfect for kindergarten or as a review for 1st graders. It reviews the names of the coins, their value, and what they look like! It's a fabulous activity to do at a math station or as extra practice. This deck has 38 cards. It is set to randomize 25 cards at a time. The first 4 will stay the same (what the coins is a called, a picture of the front and back, and it's value.) This set also includes sound files where the students click on the sound button to have the directions or words read to them. This is perfect for your non-readers or low readers. This set includes: ✔an introduction to each coin (its name, its value, and a picture of the front and back of the coin ✔2 slides where the students will sort each coin to its name ✔4 slides where the students will move object and find the hidden coins ✔8 slides where the students will look at the picture of a coin and click on its name ✔4 magic flashlight slides where the students will move the flashlight in the "dark room" to see if they can find the coins. Then, they will click on how many they found ✔8 slides where the student will put the specified coin into the purse, gumball machine, cash register, backpack, prize machine, cup, bucket, or jar ✔4 slides where students will have to find the specified coin along a path ✔4 slides where the students will "feed the animal" the specified coin