Building Christmas Articulation - /f,v/

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by OTTeR Speech

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Building Christmas Articulation - /f,v/ is a fun and seasonal resource for your students to use as they practice their articulation skills! Target a variety of skills as your students build Christmas images with virtual building blocks. How to use this resource: From the menu page, choose your target position: Initial, Medial, Final, and Mixed There are a total of 10 different images! Target skills: Auditory Bombardment Option:  Before beginning the activity, have student listen as you say the words with a clear target sound in each. Phonological Awareness Practice Option:  On the 'mixed' pages, have student identify where in the word the target sound is located, either before or instead of practicing correct productions. Production Practice:  Set a 'rule' for practice (select a number of times for practice and the level of practice - words, phrases, sentences, combining words to formulate sentences that have more than 1 target per sentence).  Before placing each block in a corresponding space, have student practice correct productions according to the 'rule of practice' that has been established. The activity requires that the student will match the color and size of blocks according to the image and the code located on each page.   Each activity page is linked to a 'solution' page in order to check your work.  Each activity page is linked back to the menu and to the next activity as well. HAVE FUN BUILDING CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!