Shapes for Kindergarten - Weather Mystery Pictures

by MissRobin

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,geometry,shapes

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Practice 2d kindergarten shapes with these weather mystery pictures! This deck of Boom cards comes with 4 mystery pictures that will be revealed as the students click on 2d kindergarten shapes. Students are asked to click on different 2d kindergarten shapes that are read to them via the audio directions on each card. When students click on the correct 2d shape, they will reveal the mystery weather pictures behind the puzzle! The shapes students will be asked to identify are: -rectangle -heart -square -circle -pentagon -oval -diamond -crescent -triangle -trapezoid -star -hexagon -semi-circle There are 42 cards in total in this Boom deck with written and audio directions on each card. Students must read or listen to the directions to find out which shape they need to click on the reveal the mystery picture. There are 4 mystery pictures in this kindergarten shapes deck of Boom Cards. There is a picture of a weather forecaster in a windy setting, under a rainbow, in the rain, and 2 forecasters building a snowman in the snow! They are great to use when learning with a weather theme when the weather is changing, or any time of the year that kindergarteners can practice identifying their 2d shapes! These Boom cards are great to use as a center, an interactive board activity, for distance learning, or as independent practice for students to review and learn their 2d kindergarten shapes! Students will love finding the shape in the clouds, the sun, a raindrop, or the snow!