-nt Ending Blends | 4-in-1 Activity Deck | St. Patrick's Themed

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by Jappyland

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Subjects: ela,foundationalSkills,reading,writing,games,stPatricksDay,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Let's learn -nt ending blends using this 4-in-1 Activity deck! Part 1: Recognizing the blend -> drag and drop the -nt blends to be familiar with the given pictures -> Part 1 is the introduction wherein young ones will recognize the pictures and their blend word Part 2: Read & Match -> say & read the word and drag the picture into the cloud -> Part 2 lets young ones match the pictures with the blend words that they've learned Part 3: Completing the word -> read the blend and type in the missing letters to complete the word -> Part 3 allows young ones to be familiar with the spelling of each blend word Part 4: Choosing the word -> look at the picture carefully and choose the correct word that matches it -> Part 4 lets young ones practice the blend words that they've learned throughout the deck An 4-in-1 interactive activity that will surely develop your child's/pupil's mastery in the ending blends topic. Visit my store for more related activities. :)