Spanish Present Tense Conjugations Easter Egg Hunt Game

by MaestraInTheMiddle

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Subjects: language,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This bundle deck features 42 cards of a Spanish Easter Egg Hunt to practice Spanish AR ER IR Regular Present Tense Conjugations. This deck is perfect for reviewing present tense AR, ER, and IR conjugations with an Easter theme. This reviews Spanish conjugations in context through finding easter eggs and answering questions, each time adding the egg to a basket. This features multiple choice questions and short answer. This deck is best for beginners in Spanish who are learning Spanish conjugations. This deck contains: -42 BOOM Cards in Spanish -20 Questions and easter eggs to find -Multiple choice and short answer questions Vocabulario used: yo, tú, él/ella/usted, nosotros, ellos/ellas/ustedes, bailar, cantar, escuchar música, practicar, usar, hablar, montar en bicicleta, dibujar, comer, beber, compartir, escribir, leer, vivir If you have questions or suggestions please email Thank you!!