Fo4: Zoo Animal Identification/ Colors

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by MsD33

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: What will we see at the zoo, today? IF you like this resource, copy a link below to view it in a BUNDLE and save $1.50! A.) Fo2, Fo3, Fo4: Zoo Animal Identification/Colors OR B.) Fo4: Animal Identification - Farm, Zoo, Pets/Colors/ Prepositions Practice color labels for: yellow green purple blue Build upon your receptive language skills surrounding items within the zoo animals category from a field of 4 discrimination (Fo4)! Visual exposure to the following: lion alligator polar bear anteater tiger flamingo kangaroo lemur elephant giraffe gorilla bison panda platypus hippopotamus hyena zebra cheetah koala armadillo penguin baboon stork vulture sloth rhinoceros tortoise warthog toucan cassowary orangutan leopard cobra/snake grizzly bear buffalo camel walrus capybara ostrich otter Happy practicing :)