Fab Phonics: Short-a-Building Words

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by Sassy in Second

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Subjects: phonics,foundationalSkills,reading,ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Master building words with the short-a sound! Packed with 20 vibrant and engaging cards, this deck is designed to make learning phonics fun and effective for learners of all ages. Each card features a carefully selected word containing the short-a sound, accompanied by colorful illustrations to aid in comprehension and retention. From "cat" to "bag" to "hat," these cards cover a wide range of commonly used words, ensuring comprehensive practice for budding readers and ENL students alike. Whether you're a teacher looking to enhance your phonics curriculum or a parent seeking to support your child's literacy development at home, our Boomcard Deck is the perfect solution. With its convenient digital format, you can easily access and utilize the deck anytime, anywhere, making learning on the go a breeze. Unlock the power of phonics and watch as your students or child confidently decode words with the short-a sound. !