Errorless Build a Question: Who, What, Where

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by The Speech Banana

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: ***NOTE: This deck is designed for special educators & therapists utilizing errorless teaching methodologies. The incorrect choices have been eliminated from this deck. Although 3 answer choices are depicted on each card, the student is only able to select the correct answer. The incorrect answers can not be moved or selected.*** Students practice making questions by adding WHO, WHAT, or WHERE. This is a drag and drop digital deck. Questions included: (What) are you making? (Who) won the race? (Where) did you learn to surf? (Where) do you live? (Who) played golf with you? (Where) are you going? (Who) made pancakes? (Where) do you like to play? (What) do you go to school? (What) do you want to do? (What) is your favorite flavor? (Where) did you go swimming? (What) is your dog's name? (Where) are you going? (What) are you cooking? (Where) did he find that bone? (Who) gets the present? (What) game are you playing? Always Have Fun! Jenn Saliba - The Speech Banana