Life Skills- Environmental Signs- PUSH vs. PULL (doorways)- Set 8

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by AUsome Adolescents

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Subjects: edtech,ela,socialstudies,specialed

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: ENVIRONMENTAL SIGNS-- PUSH and PULL (related to DOORWAYS) Set 8 Also check out: - stop - exit - do not enter - wet floor - bathroom signs - walk vs. don't walk ....and more! Deck includes 8 cards. Situation 1: one door with one sign (either PUSH or PULL). Students click PUSH or PULL to indicate "What should people do to walk through the door? X 4 cards Situation 2: One door with one sign (either PUSH or PULL). Students click YES or NO to indicate "Should you push the door to open?" or "Should you PULL the door to open?" x 4 cards Situation 3: two doors (one with PUSH sign and one with PULL sign). Students move the boy to the correct door that allows him to PUSH or PULL to open (whichever is targeted on that card). x 4 cards Check out tons of other Safety Skills, Community Signs, and other Life Skills decks in my Boom Store!