Sequence of events-Tarde para la escuela

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by Spanish Lessons with Mrs. Hall

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Description: I am thankful to have you here. Thank you for the support, if you have any suggestions for future material, please fill out the form in my bio. Thanks!! The sequence of events - Late for school in Spanish This deck will help the students to ⭐Read and listen to each event (They are eight) ⭐Practice the sequence by dragging the picture to the correct order. ⭐Identify the correct event accordingly to the sentence. Sequence included: 1. Una mañana sonó el despertador. 2.- Me dí cuenta queue eran las 9:15am 3. Rápidamente me cepillé los dientes 4. Enseguida me lavé la cara. 5.- Fuí a la cocina a desayunar. 6. Ya iba de salida cuando mamá me detuvo en la puerta. 7. Me dijo queue era ¡sáabado! 8. Sentí alivio y me dio mucha risa Voice: Native Spanish Speaker If you like this deck please leave a review and leave me a comment. Follow me to stay updated with all new decks coming soon! If you have any questions, please email me at Gracias ~Happy Learning