RCM4 Music Terms & Symbols Crossword

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by 88keys4music

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Subjects: music,musicBand,musicChoir,musicOrchestra,musicPiano,musicGuitar

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Description: This crossword puzzle deck reviews theory terms and symbols presented in RCM Celebrate Theory level 4. Students will identify the term for each definition or symbol, and then type their answer into the puzzle. There are a few terms from earlier levels added for review. Included are: accelerando, adagio, allegro, allegretto, breath mark, dolce, down bow, maestoso, mano destra, mano sinistra, prestissimo, tempo primo, tenuto, up bow, vivace. Cards are played in sequence. Audio instructions are included for every card. Terms included are: accelerando, adagio, allegretto, allegro, dolce, maestoso , mano destra, mano sinistra, prestissimo, Tempo primo, tenuto, vivace, Symbols included are: breath mark, up bow, down bow. This is a supplement to RCM, and not a product of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Great for in-person piano or instrumental lessons, online lessons, music classes, band classes, music labs, take-home activities, and device-based learning.