ADD TO MAKE 10 Ten Frames _ Apples

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by Smart Land

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Subjects: math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: MAKING 10 (Friends of 10) is one of the crucial strategies we use when working on addition frequency and getting our students ready to count and add beyond 10. Using TEN FRAMES is the perfect way to implement this strategy, help visualizing what 10 looks like, practice composing and decomposing numbers, review number bonds * The number on the ten frames is always built with 2 different objects (red apples & yellow apples). This helps visualize the 2 numbers (quantities) we need to add to make 10. The deck offers 5 different engaging tasks, it starts with easier, warming up ones and moves to a more challenging practice. Cards and tasks: - 1-8: Add to make 10. Drag as many more objects to the ten frame as needed to fill it completely and make 10. The addition sentence is given as a reference and a visual prompt for our students - 9-18: Choose the ten frame that shows the same way of making 10 as it is given in the addition sentence - 19-24: Choose the number of objects that we need to add to the ten frame to make 10. Complete the addition sentence filling in the blanks with this number - 25-34: Find the matching equation. A ten frame that shows a certain way to make 10 and 4 addition sentences to choose from. - 35-40: Find the matching Ten Frame. Choose the one (out of 4) that matches the way 10 is made in the given addition sentence. Cards come with audio support Hope you and your students enjoy using these cards!