WH Questions Picture Scenes with Visual Choices Set 1

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by Playing with Words

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD

Subjects: receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Work on answering wh questions with picture choices. This deck has 19 wh question picture scenes each asking who, doing what, what and where questions. Each question type has its own card with visual choices for answers. THIS IS SET 1. SET 1 has choices of the same categories e.g. Who is reading a book? Choices: the girl, the mom, the boy, the dad (all people) I also created SET 2 that has choices of different categories e.g. Who is reading a book? Choices: the girl, a book, in the bedroom (person, object, place) Set 2 is sold separately in my store or get both sets as a bundle. Scenes depict mostly events at home and some common location such as school, beach and park. The different question types are color-coded to help students process what is being asked. Each scene comes with 5 cards: 1. Main Card- This has a big display of the picture scene and visuals for the different type of questions on the side. Use these to emphasize or help your students discriminate between the question markers. If you want to practice without choices, you can just use these cards. Clicking on each of the question boxes on the side will lead you their respective question card with picture choices. 2. Who Question Card - Clicking the who question box on the main card will direct you to this card. Choices are provided on the side for your students to answer. The rest of the cards work in a similar way. 3. Doing What Question Card 4. What Question Card 5. Where Question Card