Sequencing Reading Passage

by Literacy Stations

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Subjects: ela,reading,litReadingComprehension,integrationRetelling

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Practice sequencing with your students. The story, Building A Nest is perfect for identifying what happens first, next, then, and last within the text. Your students will read the reading passage with audio support. Then, they will have five multiple-choice questions to answer about the sequencing of the reading passage. This resource includes: ▪️ Reading Passage “Building A Nest” ▪️ Audio Support On Every Slide ▪️ 5 Sequencing Multiple Choice Questions Use this resource as extra practice putting a story in order. This is a great story to add to your literacy centers! Add it to your reading center for sequencing review. Or use it at your listening center for extra reading comprehension practice.