Polar Prepositions with Audio

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by Ready Set Think

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Subjects: ela,elaLanguage,conventionsOfStandardEnglish,elaLanguageGrammar

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Polar Prepositions with Audio Your little learners will love this polar prepositions (and positional words) with audio digital task card deck. This deck contains 4 kinds of cards: ⭐️ 10 cards ask students to drag the arrow to the box beside the correct word that matches the picture, ⭐️ 10 cards ask the students to click on the correct word that matches the picture, ⭐️ 10 cards ask the student to type in the correct answer to match the picture with 2 possible answers to choose from, and ⭐️ 10 cards ask the students to drag the correct matching word from the green winter mitten to the blank sign. This deck contains both audio and written directions. This deck also contains audio and written prepositions and positional words with a polar/Arctic/winter theme. This deck is randomized to shuffle between rounds. This deck contains 40 cards with 1 introduction card. 15 cards are in play per round. This deck is especially useful for centers, small group, RTI, and distance learning. Thanks for stopping by Ready Set Think and happy teaching.