Math: Counting - 5 Frames (w/ Moveable Counters, Learning Card & AUDIO)

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by Kanuck Edventures

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Subjects: edtech,ela,math,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: MATH: Counting - 5 Frames *Includes: Moveable Counters, Learning Card & AUDIO hints in English On this "Kanuck Edventure", fun will be had counting moveable objects and identifying numbers. 'Edventurers' can drag the maple leaf images around to determine "how many". After counting/subatizing, 'edventurers' will then identify the total number of maple leaf counters by selecting a number from 1 - 5. Audio: Numbers/Words can be heard on all slides by clicking/tapping the sound icon(s), as often as needed. Draggable Counters: Coins are draggable to help 'edventurers' with their 1-1 counting skills. *Please Note: also available in FRENCH, look for "MATH: Compter - boƮtes de 5 (FRENCH)". Thanks for stopping by & happy edventuring!!!