Speech Therapy LANGUAGE Valentine's Day Themed Games | TIC TAC TOE

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by Renee Brown SLP

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Target language goals with this speech therapy Valentine's Day "Tic Tac Toe" activity! Includes a total of 19 games! One game per language goal. Select pages include targets as images and text. WH questions are text only. LANGUAGE TARGETS 1) Label Nouns (3 total games)- Label Items in Home, Label Body Parts, Label Animals 2) Object Function- Say function of each object. 3) Categories- Name the category for each group. 4) Regular Plurals - Name each group of nouns 5) Irregular Plurals- Name each group of nouns 6) Synonyms- Provide a synonym for each item. 7) Antonyms- Provide an antonym for each item. 8) Compare/Contrast- Name a similarity and a difference. 9) Homophones- Use each homophone in 2 sentences to show different meanings. 10) Describing- Describe each object. 11) Subjective Pronouns- HE/SHE- Use He/She in isolation and simple sentences. 12) Subjective Pronouns- He/She/They/It in isolation and simple sentences 13) WH questions (one per page): What, Who, Where, When, Why Keywords: speech therapy, speech therapy games, game boards, language, language therapy, Valentine's Day, Speech Therapy Valentine's Day, preschool speech therapy, wh questions, nouns, verbs, categories, synonyms, antonyms, pronouns, describing, object function, plurals